Ozway Solar Powered,Auto Darkening Mig/Tig Welding Helmet

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Product Description

The auto darkening Solar Welding Helmet uses the latest LCD technology to automatically tint the viewing window as soon as you start welding.

It offers you the fastest automatic tinting response time – with a reaction time of less than 0.2 milli-seconds,
It protects your eyes instantly from flash and rays given off while welding. Superior DIN Range between DIN 9 and DIN 13 makes this unit ideal for a wide range of arc welding applications.

You can also adjust how quickly the viewing window returns to clear/un-tinted depending on personal preference. While the Tint/DIN level can be externally adjusted ‘on-the-fly’ even when wearing gloves.Perfect for Arc/Mig/Tig welding applications

The auto Darkening Solar Welding Helmet incorporates a wide range of adjustments that allow a comfortable fit for anyone. The unique head strap requires a simple twist on the dial at the back of the unit to secure with a firm fit. Your eyes are your most important asset so protect them with the Solar Welding Helmet and buy one today.

The Helmet has a built in solar panel that recharges the batteries with the arc of weld .The rechargable batteries are included and will last over 5 years. Because,they have the batteries the screen will come on within a milli second to protect your eyes from the welding sparks. Really is amazing technology,also they are very light weight. EXCEEDS ANSIZ87.1-EN175 AND CE STANDARDS

The Ozway helmet is definitely a stand out from the rest,Our screen is ten times better quality as you can see from the below pictures.
We also have the 2 extra sensitivity and delay switches on the screen and a grinding setting as well.



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