Ozway Hand held Petrol Hedge Trimmer 38cc Power

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Product Description

The Ozway 38CC Hedge Trimmer is the ultimate tool needed for any home.

DO NOT UNDER ESTIMATE THE POWER AND QUALITY OF THIS MACHINE, The design originated from Europe,after several years of research and searching to find the number 1 and best factory in china to make the machines,Ozway finally found them.

I personally guarantee that this is the best 2 stroke engine to come out of china,They are made by the leading factory These are built to last not fall apart unlike most others. Over the years Ozway has changed so many things on these machines to make sure they go the distance and that they certainly will Without a doubt this machine will last as long as some of the more expensive brand but is only a fraction of the price.We back all this up with our 2 year Warranty. Extra power of 38cc,But still be light weight.

38cc of power standard hedgers are 25cc so this machine has the extra power there when you need it, You will not find a better quality machine under $300.
This Hedge trimmer will definately hold its own against most of the biggest name brands.
Garaunteed to please or a full no questions asked refund.
Yes this is a bit more expensive but that’s what happens when you want quality internal components and a long lasting reliable engine.

The Engine
All engines have quality WALBRO Style carburettors
All have EASY START quality pull starts
Better QUALITY spark plugs
Near on Twice The Power Of Standard Hedgers
Dual Weighted Crank Shaft
Upgraded Handle Design




Manufacturer: Ozway
Engine Type: 38cc 2-Stroke
Fuel Capacity: 500ml
Engine Type: Petrol 2 – Two Stroke Commercial
Dual Weighted Crank / Double Ringed Piston
Maximum Power: 1.7 Hp
Displacement: 38cc
Maximum Engine Speed: 9,000 RPM
Transmission: Centrifugal Clutch
Fuel Type: Regular Unleaded 95 +RON
Blade Length: 24″
Maximum Cutting Capacity: 10mm
Blades Material: Ultra-Hardened Knife Steel
1 X OZWAY Hedge Trimmer
1 X User’s Manual


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