Ozway Deluxe 4 Stroke Pole saw 35cc

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Product Description

The Ozway Pole Saw is the ultimate tool needed for any home or professional.DO NOT UNDER ESTIMATE THE POWER AND QUALITY OF THIS MACHINE,
The design originated from Europe,after several years of research and searching to find the number 1 and best factory in china to make the machines,Ozway finally found them.

I personally guarantee that this is the best multi tool to come out of china,THERE IS NO BETTER  CHINESE POLE SAW
These are built to last not fall apart unlike most others.

Most online sellers buy products from a chinese factory and if the products are no good then they will change factories,In the end this becomes a repetitive cycle and you may keep getting inferior products from that seller, Most chinese machines may look similar on the outside, but its the quality part improvements and quality control that matters.

Yes the Ozway brand maybe slightly more expensive than cheaper eBay products, Thats Because our machines have a lot better internal quality components and will last twice as long as some machines.

This is where Ozway Differs, we found the biggest manufacturer of Small engines in china and we have stuck with that factory for close to 10 years now

In that 10 year period if there is something thats not up to our standard,we improve it in the next container.

You can rest easy knowing that this brand new Ozway DELUXE POLE SAW is the best that it can be, After all it has had near on 10 years of improvements and Refinement.

Over the years Ozway has changed so many things on these machines to make sure they go the distance and that they certainly will
Without a doubt this machine will last as long as some of the more expensive brand but is only a fraction of the price

Attachments will reach up to 6-7 Meters with you holding it,Your reach will be approximately 2 meters


All engines have quality walbro style carburettors
All have easy start quality pull starts
9 T Solid Steel Drive Splines
Better quality spark plugs
Chainsaws have quality CARLTON Chains
Handles are strong and tough
These items undergo intense testing in the factory to make sure when you get them they work perfectly and will go the distance The 2 stroke 62cc engine , it is overall is a brilliant, economical, enviromentally safe machine.

Do your self a favour and get this great product at a Fantastic Price TodayEngine

2yr 1yr


2yr 1yr


OZWAY 62CC Pole Saw
Manufacturer : OZWAY
Engine Type: Petrol Two Stroke Commercial
Dual Weighted Crank / Double Ringed Piston
Maximum Power: 3.4Hp / 4.1Hp (Peak)
Maximum Engine Speed: 10,000 RPM
Transmission: Centrifugal Clutch
Fuel Tank Capacity: 1 Litre
Fuel Type: Regular Unleaded 95+RON
Gearbox Type: XB – Ball Bearing Commercial – Greasable
Arbor Size: 25.4mm (1 Inch) Anti-Clockwise Drive Direction

Coupling Type: Dual Floating Bearing Quick Connect
Shaft Type: Commercial Alloy 8mm 9 Spline Drive
Shaft Diameter: 26mm

Whats In The Box

Ozway 2 Stroke 62cc Engine
2 X Extension Poles
1 x 12″ Carlton Chain
1 x 12″ Guide Bar
Pole Saw
Shoulder Strap
Protection Goggles
Protection Gloves
Ear Muffs
Tool Kit
Instruction Book


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