Ozway 68cc chainsaw

Ozway 68cc Chainsaw With 20″ Bar

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chainsaw     Ozway 68cc chainsaw


I am proud to say finally it’s here. I have been working on this little baby for the past 2 years. And I can safely say
THERE IS NO BETTER CHINESE SAW … Guaranteed or your money back no questions asked.

For those of you that have tried Chinese saws in the past and had a bad experience. Please try again. Because we have finally got a saw that will do exactly what you need.
Why pay for big name brands when you can have an ozway saw for fraction of the price.

Every floor and fault ever found in a Chinese saw has been addressed.With all the changes we have made it has put the price up slightly but we are so sure that this will last twice as long as your standard eBay saws.

This is why we are giving you a full 2 year warranty on every single part of the saw

This has been 2 years tested by Aussie farmers. With 10 years of importing Chinese small engines i know what needed to be fixed.The main thing we have changed is the grade of metal used in these saws,every part of this saw has a 10 times better grade than cheaper saws,that is what really defines the quality of the actual internal engine.Also at Ozway we have been buying from the same factory for over 6 years,a lot of other importers will get a bad batch of product and keep trying other factories,This is pointless as you will eventually keep running into similar issues. So we have worked closely with the Chinese manufacturer and eliminated every problem we have ever had.

Chainsaw-Spare-Parts-Air-Filter-for-Husqvarna-Chainsaw-H372XPOzway Air Filter for this saw.

We are offering a 30 day money back guarantee and a 3 year warranty,Really you have nothing to loose.Yes you can buy an 62cc on eBay for cheaper but it will be no where near as good as this saw.

Below is a list of some of the things we have changed

QUAILTY  Walbro STYLE carby

Best quality 20″bar

An air filter system as good as the big name brands

Clutch and brake system overhaul

Chain adjuster upgraded

O rings this saw will not leak oil

Easy start pull starts

Most of oil this saw has a bloody good oil pump

We have now sold 3 container loads of this exact saw and can honestly say we have had No returns

For those of you who have one of this 68cc model saws Please leave us a review here

The Saw is Light weight starts first time every time and really is a great little saw that you can count on when the winter months come around.

Or they are small enough to take camping.

Also you can take advantage of our $49 extra one year extended warranty

1yr 2yr



1yr 2yr


Displacement: 68cc
Engine : 2 Stroke
Ignition Type: CDI
Bar Type: Sprocket Nose
Bar Length: 20″
Fuel Tank Capacity: 700mL
Fuel Type: Unleaded 90+RON
Fuel Mix: 50:1 (50 Parts Fuel To 1 Part Two Stroke Oil)
Bar Oil Capacity: 350mL
Bar Oil Type: SAE#10W-30 Or Similar
Chain Type: Low Kickback Quality Ozway Semi-Chisel
Chain Spec: 20″, Pitch 3/8, Gauge 0.063,
Guide Bar Type: Sprocket Nose
Oil Lubrication System: Mechanical Pump
Carburettor: Diaphragm
Weight : 5.5 KG

What's In The Box

Ozway 68cc Chainsaw
20″ Chain
20” Bar
Bar And Chain Cover
Tool Kit
Instruction Book


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