750 Amp Portable 12V Jumpstart ,With Compressor Jump starter, 2 Year Warranty

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Product Description

Genuine specifications you won’t find a more powerful unit
This unit has a Lithium Lipo battery, which is the latest technology,
Battery will stay charged in your glove box for 12 months
Jump start a vehicle up to 15-20 times
Charge your phone 10-15 or so times
Jump start Diesels up to 8 Litre and all cars,Tractors,Quad bikes,Boats Motor bikes and more
SAA Approved AC Charger
Digital Products Charging – Two port USB 5V/2.1A output allow for simultaneous charging of your Smartphone Tablet Laptop digital Camera MP3 MP4 PSP NDSL GBASP and other 5V digital devices
Compact design make it easy to carry, you can put it in packet, backpack, or handbag
Adopted with advanced intelligent circuitry and multiple security protection design protection features: over current protection; short circuit protection; Verload protection; over-voltage protection; over-charge protection


Connect the battery clamps to the vehicle’s battery terminal
Plug the cord of jump cable into the jump starter socket
Start the vehicle
Remove the jump cable from jump starter
Disconnect the clamps from the vehicle


MAH.. Is the time that the battery will last before you need to recharge.. AMPS .. You need to be sure you purchase a unit with larger Cranking Amp power

Bigger Cranking Amps the more times you can start you car

Millie Amp Hours is not really a big issue as they can be recharged by your cigarette lighter, This unit will last 12 months before needing a recharge.

This unit will start all car engines unto 5 litre
It will start Diesel engines,petrol engines,tractors even 24v trucks if you disconnect one battery
You won’t find a more powerful or stronger unit
I use this when i go camping it runs my 12v TV,Fridge,Lights they truly are amazing units
Power bank: Smartphone Tablet Laptop digital Camera MP3 MP4 PSP NDSL GBASP and other 5V digital devices.

When starting the car, be sure to have the correct negative and positive terminals proberly connected to your car battery, plug the blue plug into jump starter
If the car does not start on first turn over DO NOT KEEP TURNING OR YOU MAY BURN OUT THE WIRES, SIMPLY unplug the blue plug from unit, and repeat steps,
If the car fails to start after 2 attempts leave the jump start connected for a good 10 minutes, It will trickle through some charge
Do not let the positive and negative terminals touch or you will cause damage

Capacity: 18000mAh
Jump Start Start Current: 700A
Jump Start Peak Current: 750A 12V (< 3 seconds)
Output voltages: 12V / 2A, 16V / 3.5A, 19V / 3.5A
USB output: 5V 2.1A / 2A
Power: 66.6Wh
Charging Input: 15V / 1.5A
Color: Black and Silver
Product Size: 180mm x 85mm x 42mm / Hard case size: 330mm x 280m x 85mm
For Car: The unit is a giant capacitor.If battery is dead flat leave the unit on your battery for 5 minutes and it will trickle feed some charge in.
Battery cycle life: 30000
Certificate: CE, ROHS, FCC
Warranty: 2 years


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