4.0 mm Cut Vortex Stealth Trimmer Line 100 Pieces

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Product Description

Here it is this twine is one of the best on the market,It is 4.0MM thick and is Twist shape ,You won’t find better,They call this the stealth line

This twine has is durable and strong and last a lot longer than most cord , it cuts through the grass with ease,causing much less

wear and tear,also you will use a lot less fuel and save a stack of money on twine.

It Cuts Through the most stubborn grass with ease.With this Twine you will get the job done a lot quicker saving you Money and Time.

This line is perfect for the commercial user also for your standard suburban back yards “GO ON GIVE IT A GO” you’ll wonder why you didn’t a long time ago.

Color may change from time to time but the actual twine will be the best every time



Brand: OZWAY
Material: Durable Nylon Co-Polymer
Colour: Yellow
Diameter: 4.0 mm
Length: 100 30cm pieces


1 X 4.0mm curly Twist Cord
100 30 cm pieces


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