All deliveries are made to buyer's address provided when purchasing from this Listing. Please ensure your information is correct and provide a contact telephone number before making your purchase, as we do not refund for shipment made on any incorrect information. All buyers will be provided with transport contact details and tracking number, buyers are responsible of tracking their goods,Buyers will also be charged a re-delivery fee for items that are undelivered and returned to the seller as result of unsuccessful delivery. Deliveries are made during normal business hours. Sales Direct are not directly liable for any loss, theft, or damage to any goods during shipping.


If you have any special requirements or if specialized service is required an extra charges mayapply.


Our courier will not be responsible for any assembling work.


Shipping Time

All items are dispatched by Sales Direct within 24 hours of receiving your order. Delivery times are based on the following guidelines:


1-2 days - Brisbane,Gold Coast,Sunshine Coast

3 - 4 days - Sydney, ACT, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast

4 - 6 days - Rest of NSW, Rest of VIC

5 - 7 days - SA, QLD North, Perth,TAS,NT,WA Remote